it has been about 6 years since weve done an AuraGUI update and doscore was merely a linux styled distro that featured some preliminary TCP work but this code is super messy and buggy so we will make the switch to mTCP as it is pretty modern and easy to setup.

HD audio is coming to AURA using the judas libabry which i have added some more device id’s to it so it now also includes 60+ devices.

News: 9 March 2020
hello folks!, doscore is back up and running and we have some pretty cool developments under way for all you dos nerds out there.

we are pleased to announce the dead FX engine now supports HD audio devices from native dos which is a great advantage for the Dead Seas game and later in the year we will add it to aura gui and possibly seal 2 gui if we can get it to build properly we have had a few issues.

the plans so far will be to use mtcp over watt32, tcp stack which is still maintained.

DEADFX engine

Essentially the deadFX engine is a C++ DJGPP built with allegro 4.4 with networking, HD audio and a multithreaded online game engine.

the first game that we will distribute is titled “Dead Seas” and is a scifi-historical RTS game based on dos primarily for the initial release and ports will be available to win9x and os9 at a later date.

the tic tac toe game is a turn based example of a game server being run for simple games.

Jono Voyce’s Drunk Driving 3: coming soon.

Just for laughs we have made a little sprite driven racing car game what is set in the streets of Queensland, Australia where you must get from the courthouse to the bottle store before you get pulled up or run out of gas but be careful there are kangaroos on the road.

doscore: disclaimer.

while aura gui is free and open source some of its programs are not.