Dead Seas: coming soon.
ok so we missed the ship date for the demo as we have run into a little problem.. but we are hoping to be back on track soon.

the HDA audio test went well and we now have sound support for native HDA audio cards BUT only sound output via line out headphones jack thus far so no internal speakers for laptops and such just yet but we are working on it.

we have been working on the UI for the game recently so here is a little sneak peak.

Jono Voyce’s Drunk Driving 3: coming soon.

Just for laughs we have made a little sprite driven racing car game what is set in the streets of Queensland, Australia where you must get from the courthouse to the bottle store before you get pulled up or run out of gas but be careful there are kangaroos on the road.

doscore: disclaimer.

while aura gui is free and open source some of its programs are not.

tic tac toe online:

Now we chose to do a small online 2 player tic tac toe game that can play other lan users or connect to the doslife server.

this is just a basic turn based code server.

you can download the game here.