Hello and welcome back to the old fans of doscore freedos based distributions!

For historical reasons (and due to requests outside of the source code which is freely available on Sourceforge ) We have decided to revive the site and put the latest binary back up for people to play with and hopefully develop and update.

the freedos distribution

its 2017 where have we been?
sorry for the long extended hiatus but as in most free and opensource projects the people who build and contribute can only do as much as they can in their free time.

the plan was always to come back an continue development of the “M” series alpha/beta builds before building a viable GUI for the free and open disk operating systems available currently.

why the hiatus?
As a team we only had two developers to keep the aim and direction of our goals and milestones simple without too many chiefs and conflicting ideas which worked well for us. Unfortunately due to other members in the open source community we decided against developing the OS they wanted.

Will we revive Doscore and will it use freeDOS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 ?
FreeDOS is a great community project and stable OS that is current so that is always a great option. We would love to use NightDOS kernel would also be an awesome option when it is viable.

We want support for older system are you going to support computers under pentium 1?
Short answer NO. Long answer there are plenty of low end GUI’s for low end systems. you dont expect 7 or XP to run on a 386 so dont expect this to do so either.

Will we be involved with the freeDOS community?
Short answer NO. Long answer different projects and different goals.

why build this?
Because we do it for the love and satisfaction of it all. next year marks ten years of development and many of which of nothing being developed.


As requested the USB version of doscore’s Aura M4 “Blacksanta” released back in 2014          download

you will need to goto the James Online USB support
website to download his software and follow his instructions to make a bootable USB device and then load the ISO files into the USB drive and test it out :)

if it you need help or support you can always contact us via our
FB page, please leave a detail message. thanks.

Older versions?
Just for historical reference more than anything. please note there is no source code for these individual versions as they are growing builds not set versions.

Aura M1
Cleaned up the old Ozone GUI base and threw in a new UI.

Aura M2
Automated network driver detection and UI enhancements

Aura M3
TCP/IP GUI connectivity as proof of concept and enhanced automated driver detection

Aura M4
First test version of installing the Distribution with a GUI and at the dos level, large driver base was also included and the first steps to using TCP/IP apps for automatic updates and app market for downloading open source programs and applications from the freedos site.

Aura M5
M5 is going to be the first major milestone with all the online elements working stable and usable for users to use the SDK to develop their own applications and networking gear.

quite ambitious but not possible without the completion of M4. wanna help? goto our FB page and let us know!