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deadFX engine

the dead fx engine is a new DJGPP + allegro 4.4 2d based engine built from the ground up with the aim of online 2d games on dos based systems that are supported

the current test game being developed has beed dubbed “dead sea’s” and aims to be an openworld warship game with multipplayers, chat rooms, hidden items and missions.

there are over 30 ships planned for the demo so far and will be available to test sometime soon i guess.

who, why, what, when, how?

As a kid born in the late 80's born into a world of 286, 386 and 486 era computers (and others of course) i loved playing my dos games and when they could finally be played over dial up networks and internet connections in the late 90's a whole new world opened up for me and my friends and their friends all across the world.

Now, whilst many of us cant really afford the high end gaming PC's, mac's & playstation 5's etc that are out there today there are plenty of nerds all around the world who still own an old computer somewhere, some how or can find a cheap affordable PC.

we all remember that the thing  with games is the graphics don't have to be amazing they just have to essentially be fun :).

so i guess the main idea is to bring life back to the dos world a little bit and bring online services to dos just like you can play modern games with newer code and technologies that are more available now.

what about the source code?

For the time being the game engine and code will be closed source but if the game is successful enough we may move onto other projects and release the source code to become open source for others to use once the infrastructure is established.

what hardware(s) or OSes will be supported?

So our main goal is to support MS-D0S 6.22, DR DOS & Mostly FREEDOS 1.2 at this stage as it supports much of the newer hardware and is actively developed.

if you have never heard of freeDOS you should try it they have done some amazing work and have a cool community of users! (

in terms of hardware we are looking at similar RTS titles of the dos era which usually supported VGA with 1-2mb video memory and 4-8mb of ram for basic software rendering etc. for the more demanding games built using the deadFX engine the specs will change of course.